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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

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iPhone 14 Pro Max Features

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of the most powerful devices at present. It is so satisfying to use. The new dynamic island is a perfect combination for heading up the notifications. This model also has fantastic cameras with a brand new 48MP main sensor. It has also provided an always-on display and excellent battery life. The device seems to be a little bit pricey but it is the best phone.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max release date and Price

Design of iPhone 14 Pro Max

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To tell about the design, the first thing that comes to my sight is a large notch has gone and a pill-shaped cutout is placed in that area. Apple is calling it Dynamic Island. It has begun as one of the best topics in the town now. The new iPhone 14 pro max has introduced a new design similar to the 13 series but with new stunning looks.

On the back, there are three camera lenses which have been bigger than before. This has made it slightly heavier and thicker than the previous one. The measurement is 6.33 x 3.05 x 0.31 inch. The weight is only 8.47 ounces.  The weight is not too much. At first, it was feeling heavy but some times later, it seems that the weight is perfect.

There are four color options available for consumers. Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple are these colors. I think the purple color is the most elegant one. You can add matte glass back for better safety. The phone is IP68 water resistant.

Wait! Something is missing. Where is the SIM card tray? Apple has removed the SIM card tray for the US models. There it has included the eSIM technology. There is good news that you can add two active numbers one is your personal one and the other will be for business purposes.

Meet Dynamic Island at the new iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple has introduced an innovative idea of meeting something new. Apple has moved from the larger notch and placed it slightly lower. Apple has presented it funnier and creatively. They have made Dynamic Island just like a mini dashboard. It is providing enough information to you through the dynamic island.

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If you open Spotify or apple music and then swipe back to the home screen, you will get a perfect album art just on your left and a wave sign on the right. At that moment, if you hold on to the dynamic island a larger window will come forward and will provide you with enough information for tracking the playback control and track progress. Here you can press once to launch the app.

There are a lot of apps just like this that are taking beautiful advantage of the dynamic island. You can use the timer here or the map direction sign. You have also the option to display incoming and outgoing calls there. The great thing is you can use two live activities on the two sides of the island. Apple has decided to provide more activities through the dynamic island in the later years. There is the placement of face id.

Always on display and screen quality of iPhone 14 Max Pro 

The iPhone 14 pro max is a big-screen phone and it has justified the price by providing the high price through a stellar display and always-on capabilities.

There are different features related to the android feature and that is the always-on display. Apple has shown a robust experience through it. The always-on-display is intelligent enough that becomes turned off when you put it in your pocket.

iPhone 14 Max Pro has included the super retina XDR display with amazing brightness. The display is much bright and vivid. The display can turn to 1600 nits of brightness with HDR features and 2000 nits in direct sunlight. Apple has provided a 120Hz refresh rate display.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max camera

Apple has used a 48 MP main sensor for the first time. It will group every four pixels in a quad pixel and will make them into bright light captured in 12 MP photos. You can take 48 MP in the pro-RAW mode for the most detail. The 48MP camera has enabled the 2x zoom option and it has included a 12MP 3x telephoto zoom lens.

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The iPhone 14 Pro Max has included a 12 MP ultrawide camera that can autofocus with f/1.9 aperture to take low-light photos. The photo processing is offered through the A16 bionic chip for more bright and colorful photos.


There are two major upgrades in the video capturing. The first one is action mode and the second one is bumped through 4k resolution cinema mode. With action mode, you can take video with a shaky hand. The 4K resolution mode will offer you to take video in the highest quality.

Performance of New A16 Bionic Chip

Apple has introduced the A16 bionic chip through the iPhone Pro Max. it is the first chip using 4-nanometer processes. It is one of the fastest chips in a phone. It is 10% more powerful than the A15 bionic but it can offer more bandwidth and memory which is more than 50% than before.

It can respond wonderfully during switching between apps and playing games like asphalt 9 legends. Every scenery of games is truly like just fluid.

iPhone 14 Pro Max battery life and Charging

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has the most power-efficient chip and it can last a very long time on different battery tests. The batter can last for about 13 hours and 39 minutes. That is one of the best battery life related to the top-notch phone. iPhone 14 Max Pro has come with a 4323 mAh battery. You can think that it is not enough. Don’t forget that iPhone has the most power-efficient chipset. So the battery is enough to power up the new iPhone 14 Max Pro.

Unfortunately, iPhone 14 Max Pro is limited to only 20W Charging. It can charge up to 42% in just 30 minutes. We expected more from it.

iOS 16

iPhone 14 Pro Max runs on iOS 16 by default. It is a perfect option for this phone. You can customize the lock screen, widgets, and photos. This new OS is completely bug-free and holds new features for customers.

Emergency SOS via satellite

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Apple has introduced a new feature on iPhone 14 Max Pro and that is emergency SOS via satellite. This is for the first time connecting a satellite with the phone. This has included a new antenna and software to complete the action when you are out of coverage of cellular and Wi-Fi signals. You can use this feature to get emergency service through a satellite set to your location.

Crash detection

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This is the new feature of the iPhone 14 Pro Max by apple. The feature is crush detection. Apple has improved the gyroscope and accelerometer in order to detect a car crash. Whenever you face a car crash, your iPhone will detect the situation and automatically contact the emergency number to notify the situation that you have faced. iPhone will start to begin a countdown whenever you faced a crash.

iPhone Problem and Issues

There are already complaints about the new iPhone 14 pro max. Some customer has complained that the new phone has a shaky camera when they are using TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. It seems that the problem can have a connection with the optical image stabilization system in the new Apple iPhone 14 max pro. already some users have posted videos of this problem and this is becoming an issue.

We can hope that there will be a new update to the iPhone 14 pro max and it will solve the existing issue. Another issue is the new eSIM variant for the US. Many countries in the world have not introduced the new eSIM technology. But there is good news that the variant of another region will have one physical SIM card slot and one eSIM slot.


Not only is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max the most powerful phone available today. Thanks to the ingenious new Dynamic Island for showing notifications and live activities, it’s a delight to use. In addition, Apple’s largest Pro model offers amazing cameras, including a new 48MP main camera, an always-on display, an engaging Action mode for videos, and long-lasting batteries. Although expensive, it is the best phone money can buy.

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