How to make a phone charge faster: Best 7 Tips and Tricks.

how to make a phone charge faster

how to make a phone charge faster

How to make a phone charge faster?

It isn’t very pleasant to run out of charge on the phone at work or at a reasonable time. In the present age, no matter how expensive the mobile phone we use, all of a sudden, we all have to face the problem of not having a charge on the mobile. However, an exemplary aspect of advanced mobile usage is its fast-charging system. But the question may come to everyone’s mind how to make a phone charge faster or what are the effective ways to make your phone charge faster?

How to get your phone charged faster?

Now everyone can say, in the twentieth century, everyone has a high to mid-range mobile. And all those mobiles have all kinds of eye-catching features. One of them is a fast-charging system. We can learn the ways to make your phone charge faster when needed by following some tips and tricks. And how to get your phone charged faster and more quickly is the main topic of today’s discussion.

1. Plug it into the wall, not your computer 

Depending on the device manufacturer and USB manufacturer in today’s era, USB ports typically range between 1 and 2.1 amps. However, this USB port or the cable through which you charge your mobile has no ability to charge fast. This cable only carries current to your mobile while charging your mobile. Only the adapter attached to your mobile has the ability to charge your mobile quickly.

If you have a new generation iPhone or Android phone, your fast charging technology is probably built into the charger. So don’t connect your mobile to any other device or computer for charging. To charge your mobile, only use the adapter provided with the mobile box. You will see that your mobile is charging very fast.

2. When charging your mobile, turn your phone off. 

Turning off the phone and charging it is another effective way to make your phone charge faster. When you are charging your mobile, turn off your mobile if at that moment you do not have any practical work. Because if your device is running, then all the functions used on your device will consume that charge.

So, if the mobile is off, it prevents your mobile from using any power in the ongoing activities or connections on the mobile. And through it, every bit of electricity goes into the battery. And this is the easiest way, how to get your phone charged faster.

3. Switch to airplane mode

Does airplane mode make your phone charge faster? Yes! It is. Like your phone’s screen, your phone’s network connection is one of the reasons why your battery drains quickly. You must use an application while charging your phone and leave it in airplane mode.

If you are about to receive a job notice or an article, it will be visible when you go on online. However, before charging the mobile, be free from online use and keep the mobile in airplane mode.

4. Remove Your Phone’s Case

Lithium-ion batteries are presently used in all cell phones. The science behind how they function mandates that while the battery is cold, the charge controller is considerably more efficient. The battery temperature should be approximately 41- and 113 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal charging.

Apparently, the ambient surrounding temperature influences the battery temperature, and detaching your case will assist decrease it. And if you’re considering placing your phone in the cold to charge it, don’t. At temperatures below the optimum range, the effectiveness loss is much more severe.

5. Please don’t use your phone while it’s charging.

Suppose you asked anyone how to get your phone charged faster. Then, the answer is, of course, do not use your phone when charging. One of the ways to make your phone charge faster is to refrain from using the phone while charging.

These are the most straightforward ways to make your phone charge faster. One of the biggest drains of a phone is its screen. If you are expecting an important call and can’t turn off the phone, all you have to do is leave it on while charging. 

6. Avoid Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has a lot of potentials. it’s incredibly handy and requires fewer wires, which I’m sure we can all agree is a good thing. If charging efficiency is your top goal, however, you definitely avoid them. They charge at a far slower rate than their connected equivalents.

In fact, research indicates that they might be up to 50% slower. Why? There are two main causes behind this. To begin with, transferring energy via a cable is more efficient than transferring energy via simple touch. Second, the squandered energy emerges as extra heat. In point seven, we’ll go through this in further detail.

7. Get a heavy-duty fast charging cable.

Most devices come with a standard 28-gauge cable, which can usually carry 0.5 amps. But there’s a big 24-gauge premium cable that can hold four times more amps than a 28-gauge cable. If you find that your phone is charging too slowly with a wall charger, consider a heavy-gauge cable. Some heavy-gauge cables identify as “fast chargers” that help reduce charging time on both iPhone and Android phones.


So, it is possible to charge mobile phones in many ways. However, if someone charges their mobile phone following some tips and tricks, their mobile phone will charge faster than usual. Therefore, it can be said that if we follow all the tips and tricks on how to make a phone charge faster than mentioned above, then we will be able to charge our mobile faster than usual.

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